As many of you already know, the USCIS hosts a (somewhat) quarterly public conference call to discuss EB-5 related topics with the stakeholder community. And occasionally there will be a one-off call with the USCIS Director or the staff economists. These calls are open to all and a very, very valuable communication tool for people in the EB-5 community. (Often, these calls are recorded and parsed like tea leaves by EB-5 practitioners (similar to how the banking community would try to read between the lines of Greenspan or Bernake after an FRB meeting!).) Usually, but not always, the USCIS will release presentation slides or statistics for a meeting and I often refer back to them to look up a specific item or number. I usually google until I find the right slides (which, inconveniently, are not located on a single page on the USCIS website) and today I had the brilliant idea to link all of the materials in one place so I can stop wasting time. So here they are!  Enjoy and marvel at how far and how little we’ve come in the past three years. (Some of the links connect to my Box folder and others directly to the USCIS website. Please note that the USCIS website doesn’t always work with non-Internet Explorer browers.)

September 2009 AILA & IIUSA & USCIS Meeting: Q&A;

June 2010 Meeting: Executive Summary; EB-5 Presentation Slides

October 2010 Meeting: EB-5 Presentation Slides

December 2010 Meeting: EB-5 Presentation Slides

March 2011 Meeting: EB-5 Presentation Slides

June 2011 Meeting: Q&A;; EB-5 Presentation Slides

September 2011 Meeting: EB-5 Presentation Slides

January 2012 Meeting: Executive Summary; EB-5 Presentation Slides

March 2012 Meeting: EB-5 Presentation Slides

May 2012 Meeting: Q&A;; EB-5 Statistics

June 2012 Engagement with Director Mayorkas and USCIS Economists: no materials were distributed.

July 2012 Meeting: EB-5 Statistics

October 2012 Meeting: no materials were distributed.

December 2012 Conversation with Director Mayorkas: no materials were distributed.