Just in time for the holidays!

If you’ve ever wanted to understand how EB-5 visas worked from the potential investor’s standpoint, but was torn between (a) websites repeating the same canned information over and over again and (b) $200 treatises that probably had more information than you wanted to know, this is the perfect book for you. This book includes most of the information that I share with my prospective clients during an initial consultation. As such, it is an overview and meant to explain the nuts and bolts of the process. Advance readers of the e-book have already peppered me with additional topics that I did not get a chance to address in this first round. I hope to continue to address more advanced topics through this blog, but most of the basics should be covered in this book. I plan to roll out Chinese, Korean and Japanese versions of the book in the coming months so please sign up for my (quasi) monthly newsletter to be alerted of the new releases! (Scroll down for the Newsletter sign-up form. It is on the bottom of the left column on every page.)

Download the Basic Concepts of the EB-5 Investor Visa here. (It’s a big file. You will be rewarded for your patience.)